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ResQ a Middle Grade Series

Tales of travel and adventure combining endangered species, exotic locations, cool facts, and an element of techie science fiction 


Worldwide frog populations are declining with many headed toward extinction. Join cousins Stowe and Wheaton who are out to capture and breed endangered frogs. In their third ResQ mission, they are confronted with a jaguar, a band of migrants, darkness, and flooding on their base in the indigenous village. All skills are needed as they work to save not just frogs this time, but also villagers.


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Title: ResQ in Panamá: Can We Save the Frogs?

Author: Eva J. Pell

ISBN -13:978-1943431755


Paperback: 190 pages

Price: $13.95

Launch Date: June 1, 2022

Book Three: ResQ in Panamá: Can We Save the Frogs - June 1, 2022
Announcing the newest ResQ mission – an expedition to Panamá to save endangered frogs— a story about friendship, adventure, climate change, indigenous populations, illegal immigration and the challenges facing the natural world…and frogs..lots of frogs.

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Book Two

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A harem of takhi—Mongolian wild horses—has wandered out of a national park and into danger. Engineering boy genius Wheaton and his naturalist cousin Stowe shuttle to Mongolia on this second mission for ResQ, their organization to save endangered animals. Against wolves and weather, by helicopter and on horseback, and helped by their new Mongolian friend Sarnai, they struggle to guide the lost horses back into the park before winter sets in.

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Book One

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A mother orangutan has been shot and her baby snatched! Eleven year-old Wheaton, the genius-inventor, and his cousin, Stowe, the naturalist, discover the wonders and perils of the Borneo rainforest as they use their skills to save this critically endangered animal. The question is, will they get there in time…

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Read an excerpt — CLICK HERE


Launch at the National Zoo

           September 14, 2019

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