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Programs for 4th - 6th grade

How the ResQ series can bring issues of biodiversity, environmental science and engineering to life through reading.

  • Use ResQ and the Baby Orangutan, ResQ Takes on the Takhi, or ResQ in Panamá: Can We Save the Frogs?  in a two-four week program. For larger quantities, books are available through the publisher at a 35% discount and with orders of $100 or more shipping is free.

  • As a companion to the reading, writing and vocabulary assignments the teacher may assign, I will provide( free of charge) the teacher  with a 3x3 Choice Board for either of the titles focusing on NexGen Science Standards. Topics included are: Ecosystem dynamics; Earth and human activity; and Engineering design. The Choice Boards will include interesting supplemental information for the students and for each square there will be classroom activities.

  • Author visit - virtual or in person - may be arranged at the conclusion of the program.

  • To arrange a program, receive Choice Boards with a suggested key, guidance from the author, and access to a publisher discount for purchase of books for your class, contact the author through this website or directly at


  • Many students, especially this year, have not read a full-length book in years or have never read one. When I told my students we would be reading a chapter book, most were ecstatic (some were not, of course, but they warmed up to it). I even had one kid come up to me and say thank you for letting him read a book. After day one of reading this book, students began bringing in books of their own because it sparked their interest in reading. Beyond getting students to be more excited about reading, this book contained so many topics and materials to discuss. There was math, science, social studies, and reading material that could be pulled out and examined. As a math, science, and social studies teacher, it was extremely helpful to be able to cover so much in just one book. We discussed different currency and how conversions work, we talked about time zones and where Indonesia is in the world, we were able to talk about the various idioms in the book and what the characters meant, we even were able to talk about feelings and how they would feel if they were there. I could go on and on about the amount of valuable information (and standard based information) that came from this book that we were able to discuss meaningfully as a class. This program has inspired me to teach through full-length books more because of the incredible experience I had with this one. ———HAZELTON, PA

  • The program actually crosses over multiple subjects: English and Social Studies. This was the largest chapter book that we read this year, and it helped the students with their stamina, reading fluency, and comprehension. During read-alouds, students would take turns, and I had them practice with note taking. 

        There was a really cool teachable moment for the students while we were reading. One student asked me why the Mongolian characters weren’t using articles (a, an, the) in their dialogue. And I explained to them that many times, people who are speaking a second language don’t always have to follow each and every convention of the language (especially as it pertains to people who speak English as a second language, due to its many rules).

        They really enjoyed all aspects of the book, the Sci-Fi aspects in particular. I have several students who are interested in STEM programs. We discussed the “HeliBoaJee”, and what it would take to design one. Many of them drew illustrations. 

         We all love the book!

         I will be returning to teach 4th grade again, and I will be using the book as a part of my curriculum. ———PHILADELPHIA, PA

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