Eva Pell is available for both actual and virtual visits to schools, museums, zoos and libraries. Her presentations are interactive and suitable for small or large groups, with talks pitched to the audience: elementary school children at age-appropriate levels, teachers, parents, or other educators. Travel will not be charged for schools within a 30-mile radius of State College, PA. Fees will vary depending upon the nature of the visit – single class visit; multiple class visits etc. Contact Eva at to review options.

 Topics for Visits - Schools, Libraries, Books Stores and more


Why should we care about endangered species?


Eva will engage with children and the audience in an interactive discussion about endangered species. What are examples of species that have become endangered? - orangutans, frogs, the cheetah, etc. Gone extinct? - the Passenger Pigeon. What are the causes for species becoming endangered?  What are the implications of losing species? How many endangered species are there in the world? Can we do something about it? If we could, should we bring back species that have gone extinct? Eva will introduce the ResQ series and how it begins to tell this story.


From Smithsonian's Undersecretary for Science to Children’s Book Author


Eva will share stories of how Smithsonian scientists are tackling the problems of endangered species and how they serve as an inspiration for writing the ResQ series. She will engage the audience in a conversation of how children can make a difference—through their STEM education, and through leadership as future citizens of the world.

The secret sauce behind the writing of book one of the ResQ series


Eva will discuss her journey from scientist to children’s book author. She will reveal the backstory to her characters, her connection to the Smithsonian and the National Zoo, and how she learned about the endangered species in her books. Eva will talk about the writing process, and what it takes to write a good story.

Ways to talk with children about biodiversity-yesterday, today and tomorrow

Eva will talk with adult audiences – parents and teachers- about how her books can be used as tools for talking with kids about endangered species. Why is it happening? Where is it happening? Why do we care? What can we do about it? Eva designed her books to be stories kids can race through if their interest is a good read. But if kids want to dig in and learn something about the species, the home country, and the challenges these species face, the books will open the door for that experience as well. Eva hopes that parents and teachers can use these books to delve deeper into the themes presented.

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